Get out of the office, Work with some company around you, share ideas if you like

We all love working for ourselves… but wouldn’t it be great to work with some people around you for a change? Have a few conversations like normal office people do?

This is what Jelly is for.

It’s for freelancers, sole traders, sales people and basically anyone who works from home or in an office on their own

The idea is drop by anytime between 10am and 4pm, for as long as you like, with whatever you need to be able to do a little work, in the fabulous i-Kan Centre, Mill Street, Bedford.

Entry is free, there is free WiFi and tea / coffee is included – (the coffee is great!)

Get out

Get out

Get out of the office once a month.

If you’re anything like us Jelly people, you might be finding you’re spending a little too much time working at your desk and are looking for a little extra human interaction.

That’s what Bedford Jelly is for! For more details ch...



The format of Bedford Jelly and other Jellys (or is it Jellies) across the world is very fluid and very informal.

What often happens though is that you have an opportunity to share ideas and chat with other like minded people.

For more information about what Bedford Jelly is all abo...



Work with company around you.

Remember what it was like when you worked in an office? You’d obviously spend most of your time working, but you’d also chat to people at the coffee machine…

Jelly recreates that for people who don’t work in a big office...

Latest News

Bedford Jelly is back on 2nd August!

August is a great month for some co-working – things can feel a little slow, finding a quiet place to work can be a challenge and you might just want to get out of the office into a new environment for the day. That’s exactly why we’re here. Come along on the first Thursday of […]

January Jelly – 11th January – New Date!

Just a little note to let you know that the next Jelly will be on Thursday 11th January, rather than 4th January. Time and place are still the same – The Bedford i-kan from 10am to 4pm. Look forward to seeing you then!